We are one legal entity with two distinct business streams

Spin Group designs, develops and markets quality yarns in natural and man-made fibres for the floorcovering industry worldwide.

  • Our natural fibres are spun by Lawton Yarns
  • Our man-made fibres are engineered by Triple S Yarns

Our brands have a strong heritage and an even stronger future runway thanks to our forward thinking stance in a traditional industry.

Learn how we’re moving our wool and synthetic businesses forward.

  • Lawton Yarns – Leading the way in promoting wool as a wonder material

    As the market leader in high quality wool yarns we’re working with the supply chain to bring the natural benefits of this wonder material to the fore. In collaboration with carpet manufacturers, flooring buying groups and retailers we’re spearheading initiatives to give wool the share of voice it deserves as a wholly sustainable material with many enduring advantages for end-users.

    Visit the Lawton Yarns website

State-of-the-art UK spinning plant

Recent investment in our flagship state-of-the-art UK spinning plant has not only helped to improve efficiencies and retain quality assurance for our customers, but is supporting the industry in getting the ‘buy wool’ message across loud and clear.

A new showcase facility dedicated to celebrating wool’s past, present and future is soon-to-launch to support manufacturers and their retail customers in understanding the manufacturing process and why wool should be the flooring fibre of choice for a much wider market than is currently enjoying its unique performance benefits.

  • Triple S – An ever growing yarn extrusion offer

    We brought to market the first ‘soft feel’ flooring synthetic. Now, the next generation technology is here – delivering a ‘super soft’ polyprop (PP) to tap into the trend for luxurious-to-the-touch materials.

    While we continue to champion our PP-BCF products for the broadloom carpet industry, we’re also exploring developments that strengthen our existing offer for our current customers and the wider floorcoverings universe.

    Visit the Triple S Yarns website

One-stop-shop for technical yarns

Investing in the technologies to take the synthetics business in an entirely new direction will determine the future of Spin Group as a one-stop-shop for technical yarns for all types of floorcoverings.

The Triple S plant in Belgium will soon be producing Polyester (PET) and Polyamide (PA) fibres to offer carpet companies the same technical expertise, high quality and customer service they depend on for their PP products.

But a move into the artificial grass space is perhaps a more surprising development that will cement Spin Group’s status as a much broader floorcoverings supplier and Triple S’ potential as a manufacturer of many different types of man-made fibres.