Spin Group was formed in 2015 to leverage the many synergies between two market-leading yarn manufacturers.
  • Together we are stronger

    The creation of the Spin Group, driven by Richard Collinge of Lawton Yarns and Michiel Smits of Spin Group BV, represented a significant leap forward in the creation of a solid platform to provide a versatile offering of both natural and man-made fibres. Bringing the Triple S Yarns & Lawton Yarns entities under the one parent company has carved out a stable and exciting future for some of floorings’ most reputable suppliers.
  • Collaborate to conquer challenges

    We came together to conquer industry challenges and to capitalise on identified opportunities in new and existing market territories.

    The benefits of scale and knowledge sharing through strategic partnerships has enhanced our strength of position in a capital and skill intensive market. United by a desire to be the best-of-the-best, the brands now belonging to Spin Group are geared up for future growth through innovation and diversification.

    Today we are revered for our high quality wool products and our pioneering polypropylene activities.

  • Together we lead the way

    Tomorrow we’ll be leading the way on an exciting path of new product development covering all areas of yarn extrusion.

    Our mission is to do more with the technical skills and industry experience at our disposal while continuing our commitment to low carbon footprint initiatives and the recycling of raw materials where possible.