The Spin Group


Spin Group’s success is built on the strength of its relationships – with our suppliers, customers and, fundamentally, our staff.

Our people are our greatest asset.

From the technical expertise applied in the lab, to the engineering brilliance employed on the factory floor – through to our dedicated agent network – our skilled workforce is what makes us world-class.

Our customers can rely on absolute quality assurance, a dependable service, swift deliveries and a responsive team.

Meet The Board that makes it their business to ensure these high standards continue, wherever our customers are and whichever part of The Group they’re dealing with:

  • Michiel Smits, CEO

    With a PhD in Textiles from the Fachhochschule Niederrhein in Germany, Michiel has had spent his career dedicated to driving innovation and collaboration in the textiles industry. Starting out as a Sales Manager at Best Wool Carpets B.V., Michiel acquired shares in Spindor N.V in 1995 and went on to oversee the takeover of KWS N.V and Triple S in 1996 and 1998 respectively. Michiel founded Baltic Spinning in 2004 to service the global carpet industry with high quality yarns. Having identified the opportunity to grow the customer base and product offering, he oversaw the merger of Lawton Yarns Ltd. and Spin Group in 2015 to create the Spin Group. Michiel is committed to continuing to explore the production of high-quality floorcovering yarns.

  • Tim Kay, COO

    Tim has worked in the yarn spinning industry for over 30 years, managing several companies and mills across the UK, Ireland and Europe. He has led and been involved in several major factory relocations in addition to significant investment projects on woollen spinning systems, semi worsted and BCF.  During his career, Tim has played an active role in management buy ins, overseas joint ventures, a number of acquisitions, and two mergers in the yarn spinning industry – including the merger between Lawton Yarns and the Spin Group in 2015.

  • Tom Cappuyns, CFO

    With a background in IT and accountancy, Tom has held a number of financial positions at the SKF Group in Belgium and was involved in a range of global projects before coming the Finance and Administration manager. Tom joined Spin Group as CFO and member of the group management team in 2011. He went on to play an active role in the merger with Lawton Yarns in 2015 and became a member of the Spin Group board in November 2015.

  • Luc Stas, CTO

    Luc graduated as an electromechanical engineer in 1986 at KIHL High School, Diepenbeek and has worked in the textile industry ever since. Having started his career as an electrical engineer at Spindor N.V, Luc quickly progressed and became Technical Director of the Spin Group BV in 1999. As part of that role, he has supported the implementation of several new technologies including the set up of the newest PP BCF machines at the Triple S Yarns facility in Peer. Luc became Chief Technical Officer of the Spin Group in 2016. As well as his passion for innovation in textiles, Luc also has experience in green energy and power-saving solutions.