We are a one-stop-shop for the world’s floorcovering industries.

The majority of carpet manufacturers sell wool, wool-rich and man-made products, so working with a supplier that can offer consistent quality, customer service and technical expertise irrespective of yarn type and market sector is unique.

Collectively we offer:

  • The highest quality wool and wool rich-blends
  • Pioneering synthetic yarns including new ‘super soft’ textures
  • Exceptional customer service – 24/7 operations, short lead times, stock to order
  • Dedicated R&D functions – from updating colourways to completely re-engineering materials
  • Strong commercial portfolio – our yarns have furbished casinos, cruise ships, hotels, aeroplanes and more
  • Yarns to suit products at all price-points – for manufacturers working with high-end independent retailers through to more mid-market ranges
  • One-stop-shop

    Our one-stop-shop status is a product of our large pool of knowledgeable people - because even state-of-the-art machinery can’t replace the technical and colouration skills that make a stand-out product and service.
  • Nearness to market

    While our capacity and global footprint are key differentiators, nearness to market is an important consideration, especially for our European customers. From a quality control and customer service perspective, our locality is a recognised strength. Overseas spinners that compete on price often lack the personal touch that can be so critical to addressing supply chain concerns.
  • Strategic partnerships

    Establishing strategic partnerships and being assured of your chosen company’s practices and the sovereignty of the product is becoming increasingly important for socially responsible organisations. The world’s leading carpet manufacturers place a great deal of emphasis on CSR and environmental factors, so forging a wholly reliable, wholly ethical network is mandatory.